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Starter apps, pre-built modules, and a growing list of API's will help you build your website with blazing speed.

Starter Apps

Start fresh or choose from our library of interesting and well-built starter projects. Everything from blogs and marketing sites to language parsers and interactive apps.


Get up and running quickly by installing Sitecast modules into your apps. These modules provide features and functionality to transform your website with minimal effort.


Tie into our growing list of helpful API's to add logic to your website. And with our authenticator service, third-party API's are a breeze to include into your projects.


Inside of our IDE, you will find a TON of short-code snippets. These allow you to generate web pages with dynamic content, basic logic, and much more. Our templating language leverages Shopify's Liquid markup, so you know it'll be easy to maintain.


Utilizing the latest standards, we compile and minify your code. Turning a few basic blocks of code into robust websites with a click of a button. Preview your work live with Sitecast Cloud. Inside of the platform, you can utilize preprocessors like Sass to speed up and simplify workflows.


Ready to launch? With one click, Sitecast will automatically deploy a highly-optimized static website. Export the files for hosting on your own network or link your AWS account and Sitecast will instantly provision, secure, and deploy all of the necessary services without any technical skills required.

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