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The Coder's Guide to Finding The Perfect Answer in Google

by Bradley Gauthier on October 11, 2017

Nearly any answer is available online, as long as you know what to ask. Here is the ultimate way to search Google.

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Introducing Starter Apps - The Quickest Way to Custom Code Projects

by Bradley Gauthier on June 06, 2017

Building new sites and web apps just got easier. We've made boilerplates for the common projects you need on the web.

Case Study: Building an Event Manager and Member Directory

by Bradley Gauthier on April 10, 2017

Built entirely with Sitecast, this startup accelerator has a beautiful new platform for its members, partners, and entrepreneur community.

How to Force Markdown Links to Open in a New Tab (without jQuery)

by Bradley Gauthier on February 08, 2017

Use this vanilla JavaScript snippet to force external links into new windows.