Introducing Starter Apps - The Quickest Way to Custom Code Projects

by Bradley Gauthier

Have you noticed that when you create a new web project, it always seems you need to do the same thing over and over again?

Us coders all know the routine; create the basic app files, set up the database, configure the various screens. It's monotonous and unnecessary to keep reinventing the wheel each time we want to build a website.

Therefore, we've fast-tracked the entire process!

From start to finish, we wanted to remove all hurdles from deploying a website. And we've done so with our new feature called, Starter Apps.

Starter Apps

Creating boilerplates for websites has been a vision of mine for years. Each website I built always seemed to have many common essentials and it never made sense to redo things I've already done in the past.

And so the team at Sitecast worked hard to create a process for building and standardizing the foundation of typical websites.

We've launched this feature with a couple initial apps:

  • Blog: A simple way to share posts online.
  • Calendar: An interactive listing of your events.

And we're excited about where we can take this from here.

We plan on creating a job board, image gallery, video library, e-commerce shop, podcast, and many more!

You can install them yourself by signing in (or sign up) to Sitecast and modifying them to your exact needs.

How It Works

We created these starter apps to give you the basics for creating common properties on the web. But they are not developed to be a turn-key solution. Because as we all know, each project should have its own look and feel.

When the starter app is installed, the basic code is provided and from there we allow you to tweak every aspect of the module.

First, we create the screens and blocks required to show all of the parts of the app. These are usually the loops and detail pages. For instance, the blog list and the blog post.

Then we configure the database. Which sets up all of the fields inside of the Sitecast Content Hub. So when you're ready to start posting, you will have everything you need already set up.

And finally, we add any dependencies you may need in the sitecast.config.yml file, such as Bootstrap, FullCalendar JS, Font Awesome, etc.


As with most things in Sitecast, you will need to know a little about code to take full advantage of the benefits.

We will install the basic code for you, but you need to take it from there. But don't worry, it's super easy to understand and learn! Also you can always check out our tutorials.

Beyond basic HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, you won't need any other knowledge other than how to use Sitecast and how to Google for answers.

This again is a key benefit of Sitecast, we empower you by stripping away much of the complexity, allowing you to get creative and do what you do best: build on the web.

Future Plans

Over the next couple years, we plan on building a massive directory of starter apps, modules, pre-built blocks, and more. And most exciting, we will eventually extend this functionality to the community by allowing anyone to build and distribute these modules.

We are incredibly excited about where this feature will take Sitecast! We hope you love these starter apps. Enjoy building!

Bradley Gauthier

Brad is the founder of Sitecast. He's a life-long coder and entrepreneur. When not coding, he can be found outside exploring nature. Learn more about him on his personal site.