Adding Content To Site

Sitecast Editor has an integrated Content Management System(CMS) to manage all the resources in your website or web apps. We have decoupled the design (HTML) from the content.

Item Type

All the non-static content of the site or objects that needed to be stored in the database need to have an associated Item Type. A few sample categories of an item type: docs, posts, videos, photos, etc. Programmatically, these are the classes or categories of objects in your website or web apps.

From the Sitecast Editor, go to the Content Hub and select new item type. When you create a new item type, the system will automatically create a URL for the new item type. It will also auto-generate new screens for the new item type's collection (loop), and an overview screen for each instance of an item type.

Field Generator

Each item type has its own attributes, also known as fields. For example, if you create a Post item type, a blog post's attributes are title, body, description, published at, author, etc. You can manage all the attributes through the Sitecast Editor -> Content Hub. You can select the item type and utilize the field generator to add new fields for each item type.

The system will automatically add the new generated fields as field type in the provisioned Content Hub for the website or web app.

Sitecast Content Hub

This is where all the contents are added to the system. From the Sitecast Editor's Toolbar, go to Content Hub -> click Access Your Site's Hub. This will launch the content hub provisioned for your website or web app.

You can add instance of an item such as new blog for posts item type, a new tutorial post for tutorials item types, and so on. All the fields you generated is auto-populated in each item's form.

Managing URL

Every item created from the Sitecast Content Hub is provisioned with it's own resource (URL). You can configure the slug freely but we recommend to use the Title field as part of the URL. Each instance of an item is configured for optimization in the Resources tab.

Accessing Items to Display Site Content.

Through the Sitecast Editor, using the dynamic documentation called snippets in the toolbar as reference, pull out the content you to any block or screen using Liquid Templating language.

    {{current_item.contents.body | markdownify}}