Clone (Duplicate) Your Site

As our main focus throughout Sitecast is to accelerate web development, it makes sense for you to be able to duplicate a site.

There are many reasons to clone a site, but the main use case is creating a boilerplate site and cloning it to rapidly deploy a similar site.

How It Works

In your list of sites, there is a button to Clone a site.

When you start the clone process, you will be prompted with a modal to choose a name. This name must be unique amongst all your sites.

Once you type a new name, hit the save button and the cloning will happen automatically.

The aspects of your site which will be copied are as follows:

  • Site
  • Add-ons (AWS API keys, Cloudinary API keys, etc.)
  • App
  • App Files
  • Screens
  • Blocks
  • Resources (which DO NOT have an Item attached to them)
  • Asset uploads which were attached to Resources (i.e. Image When Shared)
  • Item Types
  • Item Type fields

What is NOT copied:

  • Site Users
  • Items
  • Resources attached to Items
  • Asset uploads not attached to Resources
  • Versions of Screens, Blocks, App Files, etc.
  • Snapshots

What this all means is your site is copied but you will need to export/import the items, e.g. blog posts, events, etc.

Version control / snapshots will start fresh with the new site.

Try It Out

The cloning function should help you rapidly deploy new sites. Feel free to test out the feature and let us know what you think.

Good luck and enjoy cloning!