Creating a Site

At Sitecast, we simplified the way we build on the web. Sitecast Editor is a smart website builder that automates a lot of redundant process a web developer have to go through when building websites.

Sitecast Cloud Dashboard

Instead of managing projects in separate repositories, we created a dashboard for developers to manage all their websites in one place.

Code redundancy has also been addressed with the concept of adding pre-built modules to each website or web app.

Development Environment / Sandbox

Website creation has been simplified with a a few clicks of a button from the Sitecast Cloud Dashboard -- + build a new site. A Sitecast Cloud URL is automatically provisioned to each website created from the Sitecast Cloud Dashboard. It serves as the staging development environment, sandbox, or playground to build projects on. All the changes are deployed instantaneously to the designated development URL which expedites the development of the project.

Create A New Site

Default Development Environment

We have generated all the basic files that a developer would normally have to set and configure manually.

Get familiar with the generated files:
application.html - contains main HTML configuration. Adding Javascript API Integration follows the same standard.
scripts/main.js - contains all the Javascript functions
sitecast.config.yml - contains the list of external depenencies for your site
stylesheets/main.scss - contains all the CSS/SaSS configuration of the site


With Sitecast Editor, the list of add-ons will constantly grow. One of the main advantages is a rapid deployment process to other platforms such as AWS and soon with Google Cloud Platform. The process of integrating and deploying to these platforms are automated with a few clicks of a button.

From your site's configuration page, go to Add Ons-> Deployment. Currently, we have an integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Soon, there will be integration with Google Cloud and potentially other platforms.

By simplifying this process, we shorten the organization's technology stack and free up the time spent on redundant tasks.

When all credentials are validated and the projects are deployed, the entire website will be bundled into a highly-optimized static site and sent over to your AWS account.

Also, when you first deploy the site, a CloudFront CDN will be automatically created and configured for your site. The CloudFront URL is also the domain you want to reference when creating a CNAME for your custom domain name.