Now you are ready to deploy your project from the sandbox.
For best practice, please go through your optimization check list upon deployment.

  1. Link Sitecast Cloud staging server to the production server.
    a. Sync AWS Account. Go to Settings -> Deployment -> AWS.
    b. Sync Cloud Front. Each site will have it's own Cloud Front credential to boost the site performance.
  2. Add Domain.
    a. Go to site Setting / Edit Setting.
    b. Add the default site admin's email.
    c. Configure the home screen.
  3. When all is configured, go to the Sitecast Dashboard for the particular site and click Deploy.

Deploying Snapshots

Through the builder, you can take a snapshot of your codebase to capture all the changes into a single deployment. By taking a snapshot, you will be able to revert the codebase to the specific time.