Exploring Add-ons

While Sitecast's Builder has unlimited Javascript API integration, we have also integrated a few third party add-ons that you can quickly integrate with to help boosts your productivity.
Siteast Builder enables you to rapidly connect different APIs to integrate all the services you need to build your apps.

Developers, if you need to create an interface and have to integrate with APIs we have not connected in the backend, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]. Over time, these add-ons will evolve into a robust library.

To add available "Add-ons" from the builder, click the drop-down menu on the navbar, click Configure Add-ons.


Cloudinary Multimedia

Simply add your Cloudinary credentials. However, if possible, we recommend to use SVG images to optimize the load time for the site.



Simply add your AWS credentials. Each site will have it's own Cloud Flare credential to help boosts the app's performance. The CloudFront URL is also the domain you want to reference when creating a CNAME for your custom domain name.