Publishing Resources

A resource is synonymous to a web page. In fact, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

The resource allows you to customize the path, e.g.

Each resource can have a screen attached and can be viewed by a user. This is called a viewable resource.

Or a resource can be a 301 redirect, called... you guessed it, a redirected resource.

When you navigate to the resource's path, the attached a screen will render.

If you add a redirect URL and you navigate to the resource's path, the browser will be redirected via a 301 (permanent) redirect.

Adding redirects helps prevent dead links, improves SEO, and ensures your resource visitor finds what you want them to see.

Referencing Your Resource

There are two different ways you can access the resource in the builder.

Find and access any resource: {{ resources.resource_name.variable }}

Or access the current URL's resource: {{ current_resource.variable }}

The variables associated with a resource can help you design SEO strategies, social sharing strategies, and other ways to optimize for marketing of the URL.