Version Control

With Sitecast, no longer do you need to do manual commit and become an expert of a Source Control Manager tool. Built into the Sitecast editor is a version control and code diff tool.


We help you capture the history of each commit in form of Snapshot. If you want to capture a particular version of your app, all you have to do is create a snapshot of the version you want to archive or commit, set the particular version as a stable commit, and rapidly deploy the stable version through the Sitecast Dashboard.

To create a snapshot, go to the toolbar on the right panel and click Snapshots tab. Click New Snapshot button to archive a particular version of your app.

Sitecast Version Control

To set the new Snapshot as a stable release, simply click set as stable. This will set the particular snapshot as the Current Stable Release. All previous snapshots are archived and can easily be loaded on the editor through the Snapshots tab.

To deploy the new snapshot, go back to the main dashboard of the site, and click Deploy.

Code Changes

Each file from the editor has "Code Changes" functionality to enable you to view the code diff from all the previous revisions made for all the files in your app.

Sitecast Version Control

To view the code changes, select the screen, block, or any file in your app, and click the Code Changes button. This will launch a pop up modal that will display the current file on the left and any archived file revision on the right.

Sitecast Diff

If the files are different, the editor will highlight all the modified lines of code.

To manually merge the lines of code from multiple revisions, click the merge icon located in the middle of the modal and manually merge all the changes to the current file revision.

Once you are satisfied with the version of the code, simply copy the final revision back into the current file before closing the modal.