Lower Engineering Costs with Sitecast

Launch projects on time and within budget. Our suite of automation API’s eliminates much of the challenges of deploying a secure web platform. We focus on the complexity, you focus on your business.

Serverless Setup

With Sitecast, you no longer need to worry about servers. We have abstracted them away by utilizing cloud-storage, on-demand functions, and other exciting new technologies. Meaning MUCH LESS maintainance for your team.

One-Click DevOps

Because we handle the compiling, security, and deployment of your website, you and your team can finish projects easier. Click deploy and - within seconds - your changes are live on your production website. Everything is optimized and secured for you.

We Care @ Sitecast

While the software is dead-simple to learn and use, your friends at Sitecast are always one message away. We have a variety of support plans available as well as dynamic documentation.

Build vs Buy

How about both? Thanks to the ease of integrating 3rd-party API's, you can fast-track your development by leveraging already available technology. And when you're ready to build, our IDE makes writing DRY code simple.

Quick Start

Leverage our growing library of pre-built modules and apps. Or choose from your pre-existing code within Sitecast to build multiple sites in a flash. Our goal is to get you up and running as quick as possible.

Magical Powers

With how quick you can build and deploy a site with Sitecast, your colleagues will think you have magical powers. But nope, it's just Sitecast paired with your coding talent.

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