Secure Your Assets with Sitecast

Ensure only the proper people see what you want them to see. Lock down everything, encrypt your data, audit user actions, and rest assured your organization’s assets are safe.


By default, Sitecast will automatically configure and install an SSL certificate at no additional charge. This encrypts all data sent between your website and your visitors. HTTPS, FTW!


Serve up web pages in a flash, protect against DDoS attacks, and more by including the CDN option during deployment. Automatically, we will provision, configure, and secure an AWS CloudFront service for your website. Redeployments will instantly expire and renew caches.

Audit Access

Enterprise? You have the option to audit user actions. With our User Audit Logs feature, you'll know exactly who did what inside of your account. Contact us to activate.

Version Control

With Sitecast, there is no need for Git and its steep learning curve. We've built version control directly into our IDE and cloud-storage. Diff and restore with a click of a button. Visualize the changes with our simple to use interface.

Redundant Backups

Rest assured, your data is continually backed up and redundantly stored inside of a secured cloud storage instance. Exported backups are available for you to store data locally.

Locked Down

Your data is YOUR data. No one but you has access to your data. You choose who sees what. Remember: We at Sitecast will always have your security as Priority #1. The privacy of you and your users is important to us.

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