With the Sitecast team, your audacious goals are achievable.

Four Services, One Comprehensive Solution


We explore your business model & goals to create a technology roadmap.

You'll have a clear picture of how to overcome your current bottlenecks and improve your business.


The building of your new custom website is all handled by our team of talented designers and developers.

Your dedicated project manager ensures a smooth process.


You have questions? We have answers.

Our Wecare @ Sitecast team is available for any request big or small. We love to hear from you.


We are with you for the long-run and are committed to your success.

We work with you to continue to optimize your site to match your ever-growing demands.

Web Development & Design Services

Our team can help you plan, build, and launch the site of your dreams.

General Deliverables

Your site will ship with the following features:

Easy to use
Layout optimized for a great experience when your customers and associates visit your website. We are passionate about creating user friendly designs to increase engagement throughout your site.
Mobile-first design
Every aspect of the website is responsive. The site will look beautiful on the smallest device to the largest display.
Works everywhere
The site is cross-browser compliant. In other words, your site works well within all major web browsers and devices.
Accessible by all
Built with screen readers in mind, your visitors with disabilities will be able to navigate the website with ease.
Hosted with the best
It all lives on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most popular infrastructure in the World. The majority of the top websites on the Internet use AWS. Even Netflix relies entirely on their platform, so you know AWS is the superior choice.
The entire site is optimized to be snappy and everything is delivered via a CDN, meaning ultra quick page load speeds. Even if your visitor is on a slow mobile phone signal, the site will load surprisingly fast.
Automatic image optimization
When adding new photos, you won't need to use Photoshop to ensure photos are optimized for the web. Your high-res images are automatically optimized to be the perfect resolution and file size.
Shareable on social networks
Every page on the website can be optimized for social media marketing. Cover art, title, and description is in your full control.
Search engine friendly code
Optimized for Google, Bing, and other search engines. When bots crawl your site, they will be able to index every single word.
Conversion rate optimized design
Visitor flow leads to your defined conversion goals. (e.g. request more information, sign-up for emails, refer friends, share blog posts, purchase merchandise, etc.)
Analytics and reports
Powerful real-time analytics software will be integrated into your site, which will allow you to instantly see stats and conversion goals. As well as run reports on website traffic and behavior.
Encrypted and secure
Installation of an SSL certificate - (the green https in your URLs) - as well as adhering to security best practices to ensure customer privacy, website security, and also PCI compliance for credit card processing. And if you're in healthcare or finance, we are also HIPAA & FINRA compliant.

Your big idea? Yes, it's possible.

From basic to bonkers, you dream it and we'll build it.

Micro Site

Designed to Convert

Ideal for personal, products, or smaller projects.

Starting at $4,500

Full Site

Designed to Engage

Perfect for businesses, marketing efforts, or larger projects.

Starting at $12k

Custom Site

Designed to Dream Big

Best for startups, enterprises, or other unique use cases.

Starting at $30k

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